Careers & Benefit

BANG TRADING GROUP is comprised of the following; Inter Medical Co., Ltd., Bang Trading 1992 Co., Ltd., Affinitech Co., Ltd.  We are a group of the country’s leading companies in all kinds of medical & healthcare products, laboratory supplies, scientific equipments & instruments, and pharmaceutical raw materials.  Right now, we are looking for experienced professionals to join us as follows:


Human Resource Policy

  • Potential Staff
  • Continuous Development
  • Career Opportunity
  • Merit System
  • Pay by Competency
  • Standard of Benefit
  • Quality of Work Life


Fringe Benefit

We offer several fringe benefits as follows :

  • Medical treatment reimbursement
  • Cumulated fund
  • Annual bonus
  • Group insurance
  • Annual medical examination
  • Loan
  • Gift / Money for special occasion such as wedding, maternity and   sickness.
  • Funeral aid money (covering parent, spouse and child)
  • For sales & marketing staff, we offer the claim of the following expenses :
  • Petrol, telephone, car maintenance, car insurance and allowance


Human Resource Development


We provide full support to enhance the working progress of all staff level. Through the professional coaching by the chief and training by the external speaker and industry expert, we anticipate for the staff increasing on technical knowledge, managerial skill and job knowledge in charge.

Continuously, we arrange the training and seminar in-house and outside the company. In addition, we support the potential staff to training both domestic and overseas, attending exhibition abroad such as Asia, Europe and U.S.A.

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