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FERNO - When it's critical article
Vacuum Splints
Fast, effective, and versatile Ferno Vacuum Splints provide the best possible support with the least amount of effort. Constructed of durable, vinyl-coated nylon that is supple enough to be molded around an injured extremity, yet tough enough to withst and repeated daily use. Easy to clean and maintain.

Head Immobilizer

Simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean. Composed of two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base and two durable head straps. Base plate fits all Ferno wooden, aluminum and plastic backboards. Head supports can be used on standard backboards, or turned around for use on the Scoop Stretcher.

Emergency Stretchers

All Ferno Pole Stretchers feature heavy duty aluminum poles for easy handling and heavy duty, vinyl-coated nylon covers that resist stains, blood and bodily fluids. Nonslip handgrips help EMTs keep a firm grasp on the stretchers. Each stretcher is available in burgundy or orange.

Model 42/48 Stair Chairs

Designed to be stored in small places, the Model 42 Stair Chair functions well in confined areas such as narrow hallways and multiple-landing stairways. Two 4" rear stationary wheels and two 2" low-profile front guide wheels allow the Model 42 to roll over most carpeted or hard surfaces. Four lifting handles with nonslip handgrips enable EMTs to move the patient safely and easily. Soft vinyl-coated cover is simple and easy to clean, resists blood, stains and bodily fluids. Locking safety latch maintains Model 42 in the chair position during use. Safety latch is manually released when the chair is folded for storage. Two 7' quickrelease patient restraints securely hold the patient.

Full-Body Vacuum Mattress

The Full-Body Vacuum Mattress immobilizes the patient in a secure position as it conforms to any body shape.

28Z PROFlexx® Chair-Cot 

The New 28Z PROFlexx® Chair-Cot provides maximum versatility in confining  environments.

The maneuverability and flexibility of transforming from chair to cot allows you to respond in confining  environments, such as tight hallways, narrow staircases, and small elevators, without transferring the patient. The 28Z’s light weight, superior stability, load capacity, and flexible handling features reduce situations that may cause injury to you or your patient

Model 2012 Backboards

The Millennia™ Plastic Backboard’s design provides maneuverability in close confinement. Its contoured shape with easy-slide features allows for efficient and smooth patient movement. Due to its lightweight, innovative construction, the Millennia has a 450-pound load capacity. The Millennia is made of a foam-filled construction and contains five pairs of X-ray translucent polycarbonate speed clip pins which are offset for various strapping configurations. Millennia Backboards are X-ray translucent, easy to clean and can be used for water rescue.

Traction Splints

The kit includes both adult and pediatric FernoTrac™ Traction Splints together in one case. Separate compartments are labeled for easy identification.

Kendrick Extrication Device

The Ferno K.E.D.® is a versatile, improved means of immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces. The wrap-around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. Immobilizes torso, head and neck, enabling prompt extrication while minimizing risks of further injury. X-rays or advanced life support procedures can be performed with the K.E.D.® in place. Ferno K.E.D.® includes wrap-around vest, Adjusta-Pad neck roll, two head straps and carrying case. Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated nylon is durable and easy to clean. Case is enlarged to accommodate extrication collars. Stores rolled up, ready for immediate use.

Scoop Stretchers

Designed so EMS personnel can uncouple either end or both ends of the stretcher and gently scoop up the patient using a scissor-type closing motion. Ideal for hip injuries and accident victims found on the street. Supports a patient in the position found, reducing risk of further injury.